News5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Bespoke Timber Door


5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Bespoke Timber Door

03 Jan 2023

Your front door is an essential component of your home, welcoming visitors and speaking volumes about your style and personality. Here at Input Joinery, we manufacture bespoke timber doors that provide a beautiful balance between stylish joinery and secure design. Our doors are made to the highest standard using the latest technology, without compromising on traditional craftsmanship.

Design and Style

There is a plethora of bespoke timber front door styles to choose from, including doors that are solid, panelled, glass or part glazed, and more, but making the right selection to complement a home’s architecture is crucial to the external appearance of a home. The most common deciding factors when choosing a bespoke timber door are the thermal efficiency and durability, but style details can also have a beneficial effect on your home. If your hallway is dark, choosing a door with windowpanes can bring much-needed light into the space. Or, if you have large windows, you might want to think about a solid door for extra privacy. At Input Joinery, we create bespoke timber doors that strike an elegant balance between stylish joinery and secure design. Our doors are available in a wide range of styles and finishes to meet your exact requirements.

Front Door Colours

When selecting a colour for your front door, consider the colour of the brickwork that surrounds it. If you choose a pastel door and the brickwork is also pale, the door may appear washed out. A bold, brightly coloured door next to darker brickwork may also create too much contrast. Black and white are the most popular front door colours as they go with almost everything. But why not be adventurous and try something new? At Input Joinery, we offer paint finishes to complement your project. For more ideas, read our blog on choosing the right colour for your timber doors and windows.

Fixtures and Fittings

In addition to front door design and colours, you can choose from a variety of fixtures and fittings for your front door, which can be complementary or contrasting. Ironmongery is an everyday essential. While it may appear to be a minor finishing touch, the right choice can completely transform the look, feel, and functionality of your door! There are various door accessories available including centre doorknobs, Windsor swan neck, thumbturn, letter plates, and more, all of which can be used to customise your door.

Keeping Your Home Safe 

There have been significant advances in door security in recent years, and it is almost certain that a high-quality new front door will improve the security of your home and the well-being of your family. Our modern doors feature the highly secure AV2 multi-point Espag locking system, which replaces the traditional night latch and deadlock and meets modern security requirements. For our standard doors, you have two lock options: a multi-point Espag locking system with lever handles, or the AV2 lock mentioned above. Style does not entail sacrificing safety!

Wooden Doors are Sustainable

We are all eager to do our part to protect the environment. Timber doors are still the most environmentally friendly option for exterior doors because they are made from natural (rather than man-made) materials, and their use is offset by the planting of new trees. Meaning you can relax knowing that the doors you've chosen for your home are not only beautiful but environmentally friendly too. As well as our bespoke timber doors being sustainable, at Input Joinery, we take our environmental and social obligations very seriously, using more sustainable timber and burning any waste to heat our facilities.

Ready to Get Started?

Once you’ve decided on the style and colour of your bespoke timber door, it’s time to kick start the renovation process. At Input Joinery, we have a team of experts prepared to help you every step of the way. Contact us for more information on how to get the ball rolling today.

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