Environmental Statement

We take our environmental and social obligations very seriously. We pursue principles of sustainable development while ensuring that we conduct business in an economically, environmentally, and socially responsible manner.

At Input Joinery we have a number of avenues for making our business as sustainable as possible.

Reuse of Waste

The heating throughout our factory and offices is produced by burning our own waste; this includes wood shavings, solid waste and the material from windows that have been replaced by us. Using waste in this way also reduces the amount of material going into landfill, as well as the number of lorries visiting our workshops.

Raw Materials

We, of course, are a big user of all types of timber and over recent years we have explored using a wider range of different species. For instance, we have moved away from using solid pine toward a more laminated material. This has the benefit of reducing the incidents of knots and defects during manufacture and increases yield from the tree by 30%.

Waste Management

Input Joinery is dedicated to using efficient processes to reduce waste, and numerous systems are in place to do so, from how we schedule our operation plans to the layout of the joinery environment.

Design and Logistics

Design and logistics of all our timber products is crucial to minimising waste and maximising resource use. We prevent having an excess of useless material by ordering the right quantities of materials the first time round, thanks to careful planning and comprehensive drawings. 

Beginning a project with a logistics strategy ensures that materials are meticulously controlled and can travel quickly from the supplier to the workshop and the site, cutting down on deliveries and reducing our CO2 emissions.


Due to the regulated environment and standardised methods used in production, waste is kept at a minimum. Prefabrication of components before delivery to our customers means we can control and fully utilise our many recycling avenues to their full capacity. To avoid damage, our products are stored in a secure and safe environment.


Packaging is reused whenever possible, and the amount of packaging used is kept to a minimum.

At Input Joinery we are committed to sustainable joinery – Reuse, Recycle and Reduce.