NewsProtect Your Timber Windows from The Winter Weather


Protect Your Timber Windows from The Winter Weather

08 Nov 2022

Wintertime is undoubtedly a testing time for your windows; the constant exposure to cold temperatures and wet weather conditions means that they need to be in good condition to keep your home protected. Here at Input Joinery, we are confident that our range of timber windows are robust and durable enough to withstand all the pressures that come with winter. To give you extra peace of mind, we have collated our best top tips to help you ensure the longevity of your windows throughout the winter months.

Choose the Right Material

The material you choose for your windows is critical; you want something with inherent strength and durability, as well as aesthetic value. Timber is the best choice for long-lasting windows that can be relied on to keep out the winter weather and retain warmth. When compared to other materials such as steel and uPVC, timber is both stronger and more effective at preventing heat loss, keeping you warm while reducing energy waste and therefore your bills. At Input Joinery, we protect all of our windows with a high-performance, factory-applied coating system and paint finishes that improve surface waterproofing and create a barrier against unsightly tannin stains. For visually appealing, long-lasting windows throughout the winter months and beyond, timber is certainly the material that you want.

Check Your Windows

Checking your windows for any damage on a regular basis doesn’t take too long at all – this is most important in the weeks preceding the winter months, before the cold weather sets in. It’s unlikely that once you have purchased and installed your timber windows, you will find any fault in them at all. However, with other materials, there is a chance that small gaps may appear between the window, frame, and wall. Check for such gaps to prevent any heat loss or cold weather from seeping in when winter hits. 

Clean Your Windows

Clean windows and timber frames work better at keeping out the colder weather, so it is a good idea to remove debris and clean the glass on a regular basis throughout the winter months. Avoid leaving streaks on your windows and keep them looking beautiful even during winter by using a gentle cleaning solution and a ‘squeegee’ tool, ensuring even the most abnormally shaped windows remain clean. With just a little love and regular maintenance, timber window frames can last at least 30 years.

Should I Upgrade My Windows this Winter?

If you’re in need of replacement windows, Input Joinery can help. With our extensive selection of timber windows, we can make your home of any age or style more comfortable and secure. Get in touch with Input Joinery and one of our friendly team members will be happy to help with your next project. Email us at [email protected] call us on 01264 771900. 

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