NewsCelebrating National Tree Week 2020


Celebrating National Tree Week 2020

As the UK's largest annual tree celebration, National Tree Week marks the start of the winter tree planting season.

Following an outbreak of Dutch Elm disease in 1975, the Tree Council created an annual event to support the national effort to replant trees. This year it will take place between the 28th November - 6th December. During the week, volunteer Tree Wardens will be holding numerous tree planting events across the country, in an attempt to improve the treescape of the UK.

Our Responsibility to Protect

Trees are vital to our ecosystem, removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in return for oxygen. Future plants also depend on trees to grow, as a main source of nutrients. They have a critical role in nature, but businesses have also become extremely dependent on trees, as they are in high demand for the manufacturing industry.

The UK's forest coverage stands at just 13%, compared to over 30% across the rest of Europe. As big users of timber, Input Joinery recognise the importance in making sustainable choices to conduct our business in an environmentally responsible manner. We have reduced manufacturing waste by 30% as a result of switching from solid pine to laminate material.

We don't stop at sustainable materials either. Heating for our factory and offices is produced by combustion of by-products; including wood shavings and solid waste. Our aim is to reduce our contribution to landfill and overall carbon footprint.

Doing Your Bit

Read our environmental statement or email us at [email protected] to enquire about working with a joinery company committed to preserving our forests for future generations to come.

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