NewsDo Your Windows Make a Good First impression?


Do Your Windows Make a Good First impression?

01 Sep 2022

Windows don’t always sit at the top of the list within a build or renovation project. However, windows can transform the appearance of a building, and are one of the first things visitors see. Times have also changed, as has the availability and choice of materials. As such, you are no longer restricted to such a limited repertoire of design styles, as was particularly true for older properties.

Timber windows are unmatched in terms of their beauty and elegance, adding character to your home both inside and out. The variety of casement or sash styles and finishes available makes them appropriate for both traditional and contemporary projects. Whether you are building or renovating your home, or simply planning for the future, Input Joinery’s bespoke timber windows are precision-crafted to add a stylish charm to your home. 

Here are a few suggestions for making a big impact with your windows:

Emphasise the View

Consider the view you want to showcase. If you have a lovely view outside, installing windows that let in more light and highlight your home's best features may be worthwhile. Tall narrow windows that emphasise height or grandeur, without giving too much away, can also be an eye-catching statement piece. Our high-performance timber flush casement windows are designed for quality homebuilders and the replacement window market.

Due to their straightforward and useful blueprint, timber casement windows have recently established an unmatched reputation as the preferred window for millions of houses. Our casement windows come in a variety of styles, from traditional and classical to modern and contemporary, so no matter the age or design of your house, they will fit. Each type of wooden casement window can be hand-finished in a variety of conventional colours and wood stains.

Energy Efficient

All of our timber windows are designed with performance in mind, and as standard offer double glazing and double weather strips for all products. Double-paned glass windows add insulation, lowering energy costs and making a building more comfortable overall. Given the high cost of heating and cooling, energy-efficient windows are a must these days.

A New Colour

Paint colour may help you in making a decision between various window styles. The most popular paint colours for wooden windows are typically neutral hues like white, grey, stone, beige, and black. This is due to the fact that these subdued, neutral colours go well with most home designs and can even liven up a space. White paint on windows always looks great with historic properties and makes the windows appear taller and wider than they actually are, while darker colours contrast wonderfully with a red brick structure.

Input Joinery has one of the most cutting-edge coating lines in the UK joinery business and has extensive experience with factory-applied paint finishes.

Create Bespoke Timber Windows with Input Joinery

From classic designs to sleek and modern creations, there is a window style to suit every property. By combining function, form and a timeless style, bespoke timber windows from Input Joinery can help to create a unique aesthetic that represents your home. Your property will be fitted with one-of-a-kind products that reflect your tastes and preferences, making it easy to achieve a specific look that you cannot get with off-the-shelf windows. Our timber windows are manufactured with a balanced combination of expert hand-craftsmanship and precise machine manufacturing. This enables every window to leave our workshop having been made to the highest standards. Contact our dedicated and experienced team today for a free, no-obligation quote. 

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