NewsThings to Remember When Renovating a Period Property


Things to Remember When Renovating a Period Property

Period properties are houses or buildings that were built in a historical period, normally before World War I. There are a considerable number of period properties out there, dotted all over the place, and although a lot of these properties are now gone due to demolition or destruction, there are still several million remaining.

Character and Characteristics

Each period has its own trademark characteristics that often make period homes particularly sought after. In contrast to new-build homes, period properties were built at a time when land, labour and quality materials were more readily available. As a result, they can benefit from bigger rooms and a far superior quality of build. For example, thicker walls are one feature of period homes that many new-build residents are especially unfamiliar with.

Changing tastes over the broad time period means there are different features and finishings which must be kept in mind when any renovation work is carried out on these properties. Our Gallery shows off many homes where we have worked on keeping traditional features as well as incorporating modern with old.

Understanding Your Property

As every building and era is different, it’s useful to have at least a basic understanding of your property before you begin embarking on any renovation work. To make sure you select the right craftsmen for the project, take time to discover as much as you can about your home’s history and start to piece together how it was built, including the techniques and materials used. Input Joinery have been working on period properties for the last 40 years and are experienced in various techniques that marry all features together. Have a look at three outstanding projects we are particularly proud of. 

Keep Heating Bills Down

Input Joinery create beautiful bespoke products that will not only keep your period property’s original character and charm but have the added benefit of keeping your home safe and cosy, and those energy bills low. Did you know that the average home loses up to 30% of its heating due to old and poorly fitted windows and doors? Recent studies showed that by having new windows correctly fitted can save on average around £400 a year! Choosing to have high-quality windows and doors fitted by a professional, can save you up to 52% off your energy bill.

Creating Light Whatever the age of your property, it’s important to think about how much light is entering your home. For example, which way is your garden facing? South or west facing gardens are best for obtaining all day or evening sun in your living space, which is usually at the rear of your home. However, if the rear of your property faces north, there are some light enhancing solutions you can try. By adding a conservatory or orangery you can gain access to east and west light, or why not add stylised windows to the side of your home. Another option to consider is installing a roof lantern to an already existing extension. All of our roof lanterns are hand cut, built and assembled in our factory to suit your period design requirements. 

Health and Safety When having work done on your period property you need to make sure that those working on your home are doing so in a safe professional manner. Input Joinery monitor and follow government guidelines to ensure that we are always COVID safe. When installing your products, our Installations Manager will be in regular contact to advise you of timescales and to arrange installation dates to ensure your journey is as smooth as possible. Read our full process here.  

Choosing the Right Craftsmen

The success of any project is based largely on the skills and integrity of the people working on your home. Input Joinery are a locally run business, with large premises based in Andover. We have over 60 members of staff from our sales, technical and production departments. Our team is made up of highly skilled bench joiners managed by our Production Director right up to our Sales and Technical teams headed up by the Office Management team.

Input Joinery have worked on all styles and eras of period properties and are sympathetic to your home, helping your vision come to life as well as being in keeping with your property and its traditional features. Meet the team. 

Get in Contact

If you have a period property that you would like to bring back to life, get in touch with our helpful team who will be more than happy to discuss your needs.

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