NewsOpen your World with French Doors


Open your World with French Doors

09 May 2024

Imagine stepping out of your living room and feeling the warm summer breeze on your face. French doors can turn this dream into reality. In the pursuit of creating the quintessential al fresco haven, the choice of doors to connect indoor spaces with the outdoor environment plays a pivotal role. Among the myriad options, traditional French doors, with their timeless elegance and functionality, stand out as a popular choice.

Input Joinery, a renowned bespoke timber joinery manufacturer, offers an exquisite range of traditional timber French doors that can transform any home into a seamless blend of comfort and outdoor beauty. This blog explores how French doors from Input Joinery serve as the perfect gateway to enhancing outdoor entertaining areas, ensuring a blend of aesthetics, durability, and energy efficiency.

The Charm of French Doors

Input Joinery’s traditional timber French doors, from our Cheriton range, embody craftsmanship and design excellence. Custom-made to suit various openings, these doors offer flexibility in connecting living spaces with the outdoors. The range includes options for full-height glass or bonded bar variations, catering to diverse aesthetic preferences and architectural styles.

Custom Comfort, Classic Style 

The allure of French doors by Input Joinery extends beyond mere aesthetics, offering 4 functional benefits that enhance living spaces:

1.     Visual Appeal

Timber French doors are renowned for their quaint and rustic charm, immediately transforming the aesthetic appeal of your residence. Often featuring a classic design, these doors are characterised by several glass panes, inviting an abundance of natural light into your living space. The natural allure and warmth of the timber serve as a centrepiece in any setting.

2.     Seamless Integration

French doors serve as a perfect link, effortlessly merging your home's inside with the outside. They facilitate an uninterrupted flow between indoor and outdoor settings, enhancing the perception of space and openness in your home. Upon opening, these doors offer full access to the external surroundings, inviting in the crisp air, abundant natural light, and picturesque vistas. Such a seamless integration between the interior and the landscape is greatly appealing to potential buyers, evoking a sense of spaciousness and natural harmony, which can considerably boost the value of your property.

3.     Energy Efficiency

Timber French doors excel in insulation, boosting your home's energy efficiency. Crafted from top-grade, durable timber such as red hardwood for strength and durability, oak for a classic look, doors by Input Joinery naturally regulate indoor temperatures—warm in winter, and cool in summer. With double-glazed glass panels, they further cut heat transfer and noise, enhancing energy savings. Such features not only make your home more appealing but also promise significant reductions in heating and cooling costs, offering both cost savings and increased comfort.

4.     Durability and Customisation

Timber French doors provide a plethora of personalisation possibilities, enabling the crafting of a distinct and individualised aesthetic for your residence. You have the liberty to select from an assortment of timber types, paint finishes, and hardware selections to align with your home's design and visual appeal. Whether your taste leans towards the classic or modern, timber French doors can be customised to meet your desires and harmonise with your current décor, thereby elevating your home's value through an improvement in its overall look and allure.

Choosing the Right Door for Your Home

Deciding between traditional French doors and other options like timber bi-fold doors depends on various factors including the desired aesthetic, the amount of available space, and how you plan to use the indoor and outdoor areas. Whilst French doors offer a classic, timeless look, bi-fold doors can provide a more flexible and modern solution, capable of opening large wall spaces entirely‚Äč.

Input Joinery's expertise and wide selection of finishes, designs, and custom options ensure that every homeowner can find the perfect doors to create their dream al fresco haven. By blending the best of craftsmanship, functionality, and design, these doors stand as gateways to transforming outdoor entertaining spaces, bringing the beauty of the outdoors in with elegance and ease.

Crafting Connections

Timber French doors from Input Joinery offer a sophisticated upgrade for any home, combining aesthetic allure with practical benefits. These doors not only enhance the visual charm of your living space but also foster a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor areas. They are energy-efficient and built to last, helping to reduce heating costs and maintain their condition over time.

The classic appeal of timber adds warmth and can significantly boost the value of your property. For homeowners looking to transform their home's design while making a wise investment, timber French doors from Input Joinery are an ideal choice. 

Contact our expert team today to discuss your ideas and explore how we can enhance your home with elegance and functionality.

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