NewsTraditional French or Timber Bi-Fold Doors?


Traditional French or Timber Bi-Fold Doors?

Our large glass pane doors are a fantastic way to open up your property and let that lovely natural light into your home.

Both our traditional French doors and modern Bi-Fold doors are a great way to connect your home to your patio or garden area – just in time for the brighter weather!

If you’re considering a change to your home, or perhaps desperately need one, there are a number of things you should consider when it comes to choosing between traditional French doors or timber bi-fold doors.

While French doors are classic and traditional, they might not necessarily work for everyone, the more flexible option of a bi-fold could be the one for you. Read on to find out the differences between them...

Traditional French doors

Our traditional timber French casement doors offer an amazing addition to your home or conservatory. French doors are generally two separate doors which open outwards, but as ours are bespoke, you can decide if you want one or two, which door you want to open first, and whether they open inwards or outwards. 

While they are usually found in older properties are the more traditional option, our French doors are available in a range of different finishes and designs to suit your personal requirements.

We can offer a bespoke product giving you the flexibility of varied opening sizes to give a practical entry into your outside space. So, whether you decide to have a full-height glass or one of our range of bonded bar variations, these doors can become a feature of your property.

Timber Bi-Fold Doors

When your end goal is to bring the outdoors inside, look no further than our range of high-performance timber bi-fold doors. Specifically designed to open up large expanses of wall, timber bi-fold doors are a great way to increase your living space. These feature multiple panels which concertina back to open up an aperture fully, without any obstruction. 

All our timber bi-folding doors are produced to the highest standards, and provide a modern alternative to French doors. Our bi-folds are completely adaptable when it comes to door configurations, and can be manufactured up to 16 meters in length (always using equal-sized door leaves).

As well as being functional, the bi-fold doors are manufactured with the latest locking system that features the additional security wall aligner jamb to ensure peace of mind when considering security. A choice of mouldings, glass and paint finish can be chosen from our standard range to compliment your project.

Choosing your Bespoke Door

Bi-fold doors are the more contemporary option, offering a more expansive view and allowing in a flood of natural light, while French doors are generally the more affordable and easy to install choice.                                                          

All doors from Input Joinery are supplied as standard with 24mm clear toughened double glazed units to ensure safety and security whilst helping to make your home more energy-efficient.

Give Input Joinery a call if you need more help deciding which is right for you, or to start planning your project! 

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