NewsDaylighting - Everything You Need to Know


Daylighting - Everything You Need to Know

Daylighting is the term used to describe the process of using windows, skylights and roof lanterns to bring bright, natural light into your home. Not only does daylighting improve the aesthetics of your home by adding light, it can also have positive effects on the energy efficiency of your home by letting warmth in, and even has health benefits.

Why should you include natural light into your home design?

By including natural light into your home, you are not only making the space look bigger and brighter, it has been proven to have several key health benefits, including:

  • Improvement of sleep
  • Increased levels of vitamin B and D
  • Improvements in the body’s circulation
  • Increased red and white blood cell counts
  • Improvement in digestion

How can you incorporate daylighting into your home?

Introducing daylighting into your home is easiest when considering the overall design of a building, however, there are clever ways to add natural light into your home for a retrofit project. A roof lantern allows natural light to stream into your home all year long and make spaces feel brighter and larger due to the large panels of glass. They are also a great design feature and can be made to your requirements in a range of finishes. 

The placement of windows on your home should not just be decided by the street view and appearance, but also the effect the window position will have on the amount of light let in around the year. Sash windows provide an excellent source of natural light for homeowners wanting to make the most of their traditional period property. Other factors such as glare and potential heat gain and loss should also be considered.

For example:

  • South facing windows will allow precious winter sunlight into the home, but minimal direct sunlight during summer.
  • East and west facing windows provide good amounts of morning and evening light to stream through, but they may cause glare and let in a lot of unwanted heat during the summer months and too little during winter.
  • North facing windows are a great all-rounder, emitting steady streams of natural light, producing very little glare and the perfect amount of summer heat.

Roof lanterns are large windows that fit into the roof of a building, letting natural light stream through in large proportions and are a stunning design addition too. At Input Joinery, we can design, manufacture and fit bespoke roof lanterns in your home. We offer a personal service to make sure that each roof lantern meets all your requirements, including a choice of 10 colour finishes. Additional touches can be incorporated into the design, such as self-cleaning glass, solar glass or automatic roof vents to regulate room temperature.

Intrigued as to how you could add daylighting into your home? Get in touch with one of the friendly team at Input Joinery, who will be happy to help get your project professionally planned and designed by our experts. Call us on 01246 771900 or email us at [email protected].

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