NewsWindow and Door Winter Maintenance Checklist


Window and Door Winter Maintenance Checklist

Maintaining your windows and doors during the winter months is essential to ensure the fittings are functioning effectively and to maximize the life span of the timber. You certainly don’t want to be shivering due to damage caused by cold weather.

Follow our winter window and door maintenance checklist, before the big freeze hits. 

Make a note of problem areas

If you have already identified areas of concern with your windows or doors during a visual check, keep an eye on these as minor concerns can escalate quickly when exposed to cold weather or heavy rainfall. If you are concerned that the issue has become worse, contact a professional to assess the severity of the damage.

Peeling paint and rotting wood can quickly escalate to bigger issues, which is why all our windows and doors are fitted with a double weather strip seal and have a superior coating to protect from weather damage.

Check the fittings

It’s good practice to check your windows and doors for any loose fixings, hinges and handles which may need tightening. If you do find fixings have become loose over time, address these as soon as possible.

Clean any dirt from the hardware using clean water and lubricate the fittings at least once a year, using the appropriate product to ensure they operate smoothly. At Input Joinery, we have designed easy clean friction hinges to make it simple for you to maintain your windows once fitted. 

Time for a winter clean

We’ve all heard the phrase spring clean, but what about a winter clean? Ensuring your windows and doors, including their ventilation holes, are free from dirt and grime buildup helps protect the seals and coatings from damage. A simple clean with water should be sufficient in most cases. It’s important not to use acidic or abrasive cleaning products on glass, as this can damage the surface. Our windows and doors are protected with three layers of high performance factory applied coating, to ensure maximum longevity of your timber frames.

Keep draughts at bay

Even the smallest cracks in entrance door frames can let unwanted air and water into your home. Check for draughts and establish whether a draught excluder could provide a temporary fix until you can improve the fit or replace the door. Our range of timber doors all come with built in draught proofing as standard to help keep your home as energy efficient and warm as possible.

Glass maintenance

Maintaining windows and doors isn’t just about the timber and hardware, it’s also important to pay attention to the glass. Check for cracks and if you notice any fogging or moisture retention between the glass panes, this is an indication that the window seal may have failed and needs replacing. At Input Joinery, we take care to ensure the windows and doors we manufacture are of the highest standard, including using 24mm Argon Filled Double Glazing Glass.

If your windows and doors need a winter refresh, get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your requirements on 01264 771900 or email [email protected]