NewsWhich type of staircase should you go for?


Which type of staircase should you go for?

Staircases are often viewed as the focal point of a home, the first thing you notice when you step through the front door. So when it comes to choosing a design for your property, it can be a tricky decision! 

Depending on the available space and your requirements, it is definitely worth taking some time to consider the many options available, to discover which staircase will best suit your needs.

Straight, turned or curved?

First things first, how do you picture your staircase? Although a straight flight of stairs is usually the simplest, cheapest and easiest option, it might not be right for you. 

A straight staircase is what most people would think of when you mention stairs. They are the ‘go to’ staircase in most homes, especially with young family members as they are easier to climb! 

A turned staircase is more about the angles (a 90-degree angle in most cases), adding a little charm to the staircase and providing a solution for properties where space is more restricted. 

A bespoke curved staircase is a stunning feature to any home, the perfect way to add character to your property. It is also a great choice when you’re looking to save some space on the ground floor.  

Our Staircases

Closed String Staircase – A traditionally made closed string staircase is a simple design, with enough detail to still be an impressive feature to a room. This type can be used for any design: straight, spiral, as simple or as elaborate as you would like. 

Cut String Staircase – Has the ability to dramatically change a hallway or room, and give a grand feel to a property. The newel strings are cut to follow the treads and risers which can be either mitred back into the string or returned into a decorative bracket. 

Glass Staircases – For a home with plenty of natural light, balustrade panels can add a touch of contemporary style that also allows light to flow between floor levels and rooms. A beautiful feature staircase that will enhance the natural timber. 

Open Riser Staircases – The perfect solution when you want to make the most of available light in around the stair location, as the treads are separated by a gap in the structure of the staircase. 

External Staircases – For external access to a property, our external staircases will certainly be the right choice for you. They’re usually built to a ‘closed string/open riser’ design, but we can cater for a more bespoke flight if required. 

If a traditional staircase doesn’t quite fit the bill, a feature staircase will be the option for you. We can design a completely bespoke staircase to give the ‘wow factor’ to your property. We offer limitless shapes, sizes, materials and designs, tailored to suit your specific designs and budgets. Get in touch with a member of the team today!