NewsWhat to consider when choosing Timber Sash Windows?


What to consider when choosing Timber Sash Windows?

Sash Windows are the perfect choice for any traditionalist and an ideal addition to any home. There are several variations to consider when it comes to choosing what type and style are right for your home. All our Sash Windows incorporate modern-day weather-stripping and draught-proofing to meet current requirements, so the choice comes down to your own personal taste! 

What are Sash Windows?

The word ‘sash’ refers to a single frame and a Sash Window is made of one or more movable panels, or ‘sashes’. These make a frame to hold a number of smaller panes of glass that are separated from each other by glazing bars. 


Genuine timber Sash Windows are likely to be the first and only choice for those living in a Conservation Area or a listed building. Plastic just doesn’t give the same effect and with our modern draught strip technology and double-glazed units it means that heat loss, draughts and condensation are reduced to give you an easy, smooth and rattle-free operation.


If you want to retain your home’s character and replicate what was there before, Sash Windows are a great choice. The number of panes can vary but six over six is synonymous with the Georgian period and two over two was commonplace in the Victorian era. 

Weights and Lines vs Concealed Balance

The sliding functionality of Sash Windows means it’s easy to ventilate any room and the level of natural light they allow makes them a perfect choice. Fitting style and what you want to see from an interior perspective will determine if you want the traditional Weights and Lines style or the modern-day alternative of Concealed Balance. Our Concealed Balance windows require a smaller outer frame and can be fitted between brickwork like a traditional casement window. This provides many of the same attributes of the Weights and Lines style but can offer cost savings. 


People often think that timber windows can be high maintenance but, with the use of modern finishes, they really don’t require a lot of upkeep. Yearly examination for cracked, flaky paintwork and decay, along with periodic maintenance is all that is required.


Whatever style you choose, a choice of mouldings, ironmongery, glass and paint finish can be chosen from our standard range to compliment your project, making it unique to your home. For inspiration, browse our gallery of recently completed projects where our Sash Windows are showcased. 

For help on deciding which style is right for you, email us at [email protected] or call us directly on 01264 771900.

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